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  I N T E R N A T I O N A L   T R A N S L A T I O N S



Night Visas To Be Lifted

by Chris Tanasescu


A Black Scarf

by T-Ö Erdenetsogt


when clothes go about their daily life

by Tamir Fathi

A G A I N S T   E M P T I N E S S

an essay and two reviews

Conspiring Against Emptiness and Non-Existence: Mandelstam’s Gothic Pine Cones

by John Baalke


Alexis Vergalla reviews Jeffrey Encke

poetry as a deck of cards, 52 cards, 2 jokers


Alexis Vergalla reviews David Hinton

poetry as a sheet of paper that stretches fifty-four square inches




F R O M  E U R O P E  W I T H  P O E T R Y
Poland and Belarus

Anna Swir by J. Hope Stein & Seretta Martin

Valzhyna Mort by J. Hope Stein




M O D E R N  C L A S S I C S
decades in print

Kristina Marie Darling considers John Berryman

Erika Lutzner reviews Yusef Komunyakaa



wrestling the Outback

Allison Backous discusses
Jill Ker Conway

S E C O N D  B O O K S 
to hypnotize space


G.C. Waldrep: A Symposium of Interviews

Kate Greenstreet

Lance Phillips

Nancy Zafris


Michael McCarthy considers Matthew Zapruder

John Baalke revisits B.H. Fairchild

John Baalke discusses Derick Burleson



A M E R I C A N  D E B U T S 
what refuses to dissolve 

Belle Randall riffs on Jesse Minkert

Timothy Green x 2:  Crystal Hadidian & Susan Weidner

Judith Roche engages Marion Kimes

Erica Davis reviews Jericho Brown

Carrie Moniz discusses Jay Hopler


  I N  B R I E F :   R E V I E W S

Martin Woodside by Rosa Berumen

James Allen Hall by Jill Freichhertz

Guy Gavriel Kay by Melissa Mutrux

Lisa Zimmerman by Michelle Cordova