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  P O E T R Y  A N D   G R I E F

Grieving As Depicted in Federico Garcia Lorca's "Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Meijas"
by Shelley Rockwell

R E A D I N G  T H E  G L O B E 

Annelies Zijderveld  
Melting Pot Poetics: An Expansion of American Poetics Through A Multicultural Lens

Mary-Catherine Jones
Poetry as Prayer: The Vertical Address as Considered in Three Distinct Voices

S W E E T  H I D D E N  H A R M O N I E S 
Blessing the Boats on the Fortunate Islands

Jeanine Hall Gailey reviews J. P. Dancing Bear   
Shawn Pittard engages Susan Kelley-DeWitt
Jeff Streetby on Erica Funkhouser
Christine Rikkers discusses G.C. Waldrep
Michelle Cordova reviews Lucille Clifton
Kristina Marie Darling on Matthea Harvey
Michelle Galo considers Kathleen Rooney
Alison Waldron talks with Simon Wickham-Smith

A M E R I C A N  P R O S E  
From the Bar to the Garden 

Doug Martin discusses Peter Conners 
 Laura McCullough on Andre Dubus III

O N  S E C O N D  B O O K S 
Making a Way Through

A Symposium on John Burgess:
Tina Cabrera reviews and interviews
Gina Barnard looks at the spaces
Carrie Moniz likes punks

Brian Volck considers Mariela Griffor
James Southam and Mercedes O'Leary engage Derick Burleson

A M E R I C A N  D E B U T S 

On Jericho Brown 
Ephraim Scott SommersBen Riggs, Lisa Grove
, Rebecca Josephson
Michele Galo also considers Jay Hopler

I N  B R I E F :   R E V I E W S

"Necessary Stranger" by Graham Faust