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  W H A T   S H E    I S N'T 
reviews of the other

 Elizabeth Myhr marks the spot with Jeanine Hathaway

 Danielle Hunt engages Amy Gerstler

Gina Barnard scouts Jeanine Hall Gailey

  Martin Woodside examines Christina Shea 

    R E N A M I N G   T H E   C O N T E X T  

Chris Tanasescu

Notes Toward A Temporary Poetics of Cotext

Lisa Grove

Cal Bedient's Diction Mixology

Ilya Kaminsky

Ambassador for the FairyTale: On Kate Bernheimer

Stephen Page on

Adrienne Rich

       N E W   C O U N T R I E S 


 Ilya Kaminsky and Kathyrn Farris
Two Reviews: Poland's Anna Swir & Romania's Remarkable Poets

 Ilya Kaminsky on terror and eros in the work of Garth Greenwell

 Raluca Tanasescu tours with John Steinbeck

 Ilya Kaminsky and Kathryn Farris vanish with Elizabeth Myhr

       I N   B R I E F :    R E V I E W S

Ilya Kaminsky illuminates M.A. Vizsolyi

Elizabeth Myhr steals a look at Carolyne Wright

Carrie Moniz dares Susan Brown

Maryann Hannan chases Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Greg Emillio on the playground with Christopher Buckley

Margaret MK Hess travels with Susan Rich